ABC/Randy Holmes(WASHINGTON) — Chris Pratt has taken to social media to boast about one of his own — no, not his adorable son Jack…a very special sheep.

"I hate when celebrities brag on here…but I have to," Pratt said on Instagram. "Our ewe (female sheep) named 'Cacao' just took home a blue ribbon at Fiberpalooza!!!! Boom chic-Cacao cao!"

The comment from the proud Pratt came attached to a photo of a plastic bag stuffed with sheep wool, decorated with a blue ribbon.

When he's not saving the universe on screen, the Marvel movie star is an avid outdoorsman who hunts and raises livestock on his Washington State farm.

The event Pratt is referring to, "Fleece and Fiber Palooza," is part of the many farming and outoors-related attractions at the Washington State University Country Living Expo in Stanwood, Washington.
No word on how Pratt's fiancee, Katherine Schwarzenegger, feels about his hairy hobby.

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