Pennsylvania – With temperatures dropping into the dangerously cold “below zero” range, please take a moment to check on your neighbors.

Your sick or elderly neighbors are the most vulnerable, especially in this extreme cold.

Take a few minutes to knock on the door, leave a note, or give them a call if you know their phone number.

Meals on Wheels is also cancelled for Wednesday and Thursday in Clearfield County. Seniors are urged to use their shelf-stable Blizzard Boxes instead… or a friendly neighbor could drop off a warm meal.

Things you can check:

  • How are you doing in this cold weather?
  • Are your water lines frozen?
  • Is your heat working?
  • Does your dog need walked?
  • Do you need any food picked up from the grocery store while I’m shopping?

As people get older or have a physical disability, the four walls of their home can become like a prison. When you visit, you might be the only person they have spoken to for days.

Feel awkward about visiting? Here are some reasons to drop by:

  • “I already have the snowblower out. Would you like me to clear your driveway?”
  • “We made too much soup! Can I bring you a container of it?”
  • “Our water lines froze earlier today, and I just wanted to check if yours were also having trouble.”
  • “I’m headed out to the store. The roads aren’t great, so why don’t I pick up some groceries for you while I’m there? Do you need any milk or bread?”

This isn’t about being a nosy neighbor. In extreme conditions, your kindness could save someone’s life. If things are okay, your kindness would still certainly brighten somebody’s day.