Photo by Mitchell Haaseth/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images(ARIZONA) — Fans of The Office may remember a classic bit where the Dunder Mifflin gang takes a CPR class, and how Steve Carrell's Michael Scott mucks it up.

But fortunately for an Arizona mom, on January 11, 21-year-old Good Samaritan Cross Scott — no relation to Michael — also remembered the episode.

The Arizona Daily Star reports that Tuscon native Scott, who works at a tire shop, was taking a client's car for a test drive when he noticed a white sedan slowly rolling on the side of the road, its driver slumped over the steering wheel.

He pulled over and immobilized the car, then smashed a window to get access to the driver, whose lips were blue. Another passerby called 911, while yet another reclined the victim's seat, and Scott sprang into action.

"I’ve never prepared myself for CPR in my life," Scott said. "I had no idea what I was doing."

But as he straddled the woman, he recalled that in the episode, Michael Scott sang the Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive" while administering CPR, because the song's beat mimics the 100 beats per minute that one needs to keep a heart attack victim alive.

With that in mind, Criss Scott sang, and pumped. "Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive, stayin' alive" — and sure enough, he saved the woman's life.

After a minute, the woman took a breath. Paramedics arrived at the scene minutes later, and took her to the hospital.

Incidentally, the victim had called her daughter before she lost consciousness, and her daughter heard the whole musical rescue on the open cell phone line.

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