Alex Potemkin/iStock(KIDRON, Ohio) — Two people are dead and four others injured after a DC-3 plane crashed in Ohio Monday morning, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.
The four survivors suffered life-threatening injuries, a spokesperson with the agency said.
"I’ve never felt a force inside the house that strong where it shook the house," said Michael Morrison, who owns the property where the plane crashed.
"It’s very scary," he told ABC Cleveland affiliate WEWS. "The cracking sounded like wood splintering … then you heard the crash of it hitting the ground."
The plane had clipped power lines shortly after takeoff in Kidron, Ohio, about 60 miles south of Cleveland, the spokesperson added.
There was no information yet about those who died.
"I called 911, I grabbed as many blankets as I could, I tried to come out and I tried to give a hand to people assisting from the airport," Morrison told WEWS. "By then they seemed to have it pretty much in control."
The cause of the crash was not clear yet.
The first DC-3 plane flew in 1935, said ABC News aviation consultant Col. Steve Ganyard.
"It was a great airplane and there are thousands still flying in remote parts of the world but it is an antique," Ganyard said.
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