DuBois, PA – Expect about a foot of snow for this weekend, plus winds that could cause danger white-out conditions.

Weather forecast according to Accuweather, brought to you by Advantaclean (updated as of Friday morning):

Friday, Jan. 18 –

  • High of 34, icy mix in the morning, then a little bit of snow
  • Low of 22, mostly cloudy

Saturday, Jan. 20 –

  • High of 29, cloudy, snow overspreading the area, accumulating 3-6″; roads will be slippery in the afternoon
  • Low of 17, snow, heavy at times, accumulating 4-8″; breezy with blowing snow; travel will be dangerous

Sunday, Jan. 21 –

  • High of 17, mostly cloudy, snow showers; breezy; storm total 10-14″; roads will be snow-packed and slippery
  • Low of -3, mostly cloudy; breezy; extreme cold can be dangerous for outdoor activities late


PennDOT recommends that you stay off of the road if possible during any heavy storm. However, here are some tips if you do have to travel:

When you do get on the road, make sure that your vehicle is entirely cleaned off. Not only do you need to be able to see out of the front and back windshields and see your mirrors, but the layer of snow also has to be cleaned off of your car’s roof, hood, and trunk.

If snow or ice falls off of your car and causes another person to crash, you could be charged.

Other safety tips for PennDOT:

Take it slow. The speed limit is the fastest speed that you should go in optimal conditions. That means that whenever it’s snowy or icy, you need to be traveling substantially slower. Give yourself the extra seconds to react if something happens.

Give yourself plenty of room between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you. Again, you need time and space to react if the other vehicle stops, swerves, or does something unexpected.

Turn on your headlights. This is not just so you can see where you’re going, but also so other drivers can see your vehicle.

Avoid distractions, especially your cell phone. Keep your eyes on the roadway.

Always wear your seat belt. Among drivers and front-seat passengers, seat belts reduce the risk of death by 45%, and cut the risk of serious injury by 50 percent. Seat belts prevent drivers and passengers from being ejected during a crash. People not wearing a seat belt are 30 times more likely to be ejected from a vehicle during a crash.

PennDOT encourages drivers to “Know before they go” and to check conditions on more than 40,000 roadway miles by visiting www.511PA.com. 511PA is free, available 24 hours a day, and provides traffic delay warnings, weather forecasts, traffic speed information, and access to more than 860 traffic cameras.

Most area schools are closed today or have 2-hour delays. Click Here to see the full list for Operation Snow Watch, brought to you by Greg Cranmer-State Farm.