Milwaukee – One surprising side effect of the partial government shutdown that you might not have thought about… no new craft beers until it’s over. The Alcohol and Tobacco Trade and Tax Bureau usually approves new beer labels, but they can’t during a government shutdown.

That means a craft brewery might plan to release a new type of beer, but they can’t actually release it until the label is approved.

Russ Klisch is the founder and president of Lakefront Brewery in Milaukee.

Of course, a lack of new types of beer is a very minor problem in comparison to some of the other industries that are being put on hold during the partial federal government shutdown.

9 out of the 15 federal departments are affected, plus some agencies, including the EPA, the IRS, and the departments of State, Housing and Urban Development, Treasury, Agriculture, Commerce, Interior, Justice, and Homeland Security. Congress has fully funded the military (aside from the US Coast Guard) and the departments of Veterans Affairs, Labor, Education, and Health and Human Services.