Lionsgate(NEW YORK) — Keanu Reeves is back in black in the trailer for John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.

The preview, which just debuted, shows "The Boogeyman" on the run.

"A 14-million dollar bounty on his head, and everyone in the city wanting a piece of it," says Winston, played by returning star Ian McShane. Of Wick's odds, he says, "I'd say it's about even."

Set to Frank Sinatra's cover of "The Impossible Dream," the trailer contains all the hallmarks any John Wick fan has come to expect: eye-popping visuals, dogs, shadowy criminal doings, and baddies being dispatched in just about every conceivable way — from bullets to blades to books.

This time around, Anjelica Huston joins the fun as some sort of criminal kingpin, as does fellow Oscar-winner Halle Berry. She plays Sofia, a former associate of Wick's who appears to be every bit the butt-kicker he is.

The movie, with stuntman-turned director Chad Stahelski behind the camera once again, opens May 17.


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