Courtesy Lindsey Smith (BARRON, Wisc.) — The suspect charged in the kidnapping of Wisconsin girl Jayme Closs and killing her parents confessed to investigators that he targeted the 13-year-old after seeing her board her school bus and deciding "he knew that was the girl he was going to take," according to a criminal complaint.
Jake Patterson, 21, told investigators that "he put quite a bit of thought into details of how he was going to abduct" Jayme and had twice gone to her home in Barron, Wisconsin, before carrying out the heinous crime on Oct. 15, the complaint reads.
Jayme told investigators that Patterson pounded on the front door of their home and then shot her father when he refused to open the door. She and her mother barricaded themselves in the bathroom, hiding in the bathtub, according to the complaint.
The girl said Patterson, whom she had never seen before, broke into the bathroom and made her mother put duct tape over her mouth and then shot her mother dead with a shotgun, the complaints reads.
Patterson then allegedly forced Jayme into the trunk of his car and drove her 70 miles to his family's house in Gordon, Wisconsin, where he kept her hidden in his bedroom for the next 88 days.
The suspect made Jayme hide under his bed when his friends and relatives were over and threatened that "bad things would happen to her" if she didn't do what he said, according to the complaint.

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