ABC News(NEW YORK) — Christiana Bau, a 29-year-old graphics coordinator in New York City, is readying for an upcoming, adventure-filled vacation. But she needs help building up her endurance to keep up with all the activities.
"Most times when I go on vacation, the people I go with usually want to go hiking or they want to go biking or surfing," Bau said. "I just sometimes don’t have the endurance to keep up, so I want to increase my stamina to help me get through those activities because sometimes I need a vacation from my vacation."
She added, "I just want to be able to go, have fun, come back and feel recharged."

So ABC News paired her with Tone House founder, fitness model and former collegiate football player Alonzo Wilson.

The program
Wilson committed to helping Bau prepare for an upcoming four-day vacation in Norway that would include lots of kayaking, biking and hiking.
"My advice for her is to pray," joked Wilson, who created an intense four-part plan for Bau.
1. One-on-one training sessions: Wilson coached Bau individually in one-hour sessions twice per week. They focused on explosive moments and core strength to prepare Bau for her travels.
2. Group classes: Bau took three classes at Tone House each week, often the 5 a.m. class. Tone House is described as an "extreme, athletic-based group fitness studio aimed at unleashing the inner athlete in everyone." The studio's warm-up session — 10 minutes of nonstop movement that includes hurdles and burpees — could be considered a full class in other studios.
3. Recovery: Bau met with one of Tone House's recovery experts and used cold tub therapy over the 30 days to help recover from her workouts. Tone House's philosophy is: "When you train like an athlete, you need to recover like an athlete."
4. Nutrition: Bau worked with a nutritionist at Tone House and focused on eating high-protein meals with clean ingredients. She also kept a log of her food for the 30 days she trained with Wilson.

What happened after 30 days
While Bau said she felt like quitting about halfway through the 30 days, at the end she was pleased with how far she had come.
"It definitely exceeded all my expectations," she said. "I’ve never, ever had a trainer that’s been so supportive, so caring, pushed me to my limit. Alonzo would know every single time when I’m not trying hard, when I am trying hard."
Wilson said he saw in Bau how effective just 30 days can be in creating healthy habits that can last a lifetime.
"Usually it takes a person about 21 days to make a habit," he said. "When it’s 30 days, you can definitely form a habit. If it’s a healthy habit, like working out, taking care of your body, it goes with you."
Bau's tip for others trying to make change is to not underestimate themselves.
"My last piece of advice, which has been engraved in my mind since day one because of Tone House, is you are stronger than you think you are," she said. "And I truly, truly believe that."

Now here's an at-home workout for you
Wilson created a 10-minute circuit workout that features six sculpting and cardio moves.
"I promise if you continue to do this just three times a week in the morning, it’s going to keep that fat burning going for the rest of the day," Wilson said. "And you’ll be vacation-ready in no time."
1. High knees: Run in a stationary position, driving your knees to your chest. Continue for at least 30 seconds.
2. Push-up walkout: Start in a standing position and walk out to a high plank position. Lower your body into a push-up (modify by going onto your knees as needed) and walk your hands back. Complete at least 10 reps.
3. Rock back: Start in a high plank position. Push your body back towards your heels, into the rock back position. Then spring your feet forward. Once confident with the move, add a knee tuck jump after you spring forward onto your feet. Continue for one minute.
4. Slider arm extension: Use a paper plate, paper napkin or paper towel in place of sliders at home. Place one hand on the slider. From a high plank position, extend your left arm forward and lower your body to the ground (modify by doing the exercise on your knees). Continue for 30 seconds extending your arm forward and then do 30 seconds of extending your arm to the side. Combine the two exercises together (forward extension, then side extension) for 30 seconds. Repeat the 90 seconds with the right arm.
5. Slider mountain climbers: Start in high plank position with both feet centered on a slider (or paper towel or napkin); Do mountain climbers for 30 seconds, extending each leg forward and back. Challenge yourself by doing a one-leg mountain climber.
6. Scorpion push-up: Start in a high plank push up position and lower down to a push-up. As you push back up, rotate your body, keeping your left arm on the ground. Lift left leg off the floor and tap it with your right arm. Return to high plank position and repeat for 30 seconds. Repeat on other side for 30 seconds.

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