Sayeed Adyani/Netflix(GEORGIA) — So apparently, Bird Box-type challenges are now at thing. The latest: Bird Box dinners.

To refresh your memory: Bird Box challenges are inspired by the current Netflix hit thriller Bird Box, in which all of the characters have to wear blindfolds so they won't see a scary demon-type somethingorother, because anyone who does winds up killing themselves seconds later. So that's no fun.

Now the Atlanta margarita bar Guac y Margys is offering patrons a Bird Box dinner.

"You've seen Bird Box," reads the event description. "You may have even put a blindfold on to see how hard it is to walk around your house and yard (we don't recommend this). But have you eaten tacos and drank margaritas while blindfolded? No? Well now's your chance!"

Essentially, $25 to $35 buys you "2 tacos + 1 dip + 1 margarita of OUR CHOICE," the description goes on. "Guess your tacos and margaritas correctly and you get a FREE HOMEMADE COOKIE for dessert 🙂 Or maybe it won't be a cookie at all…"

The January 24 event's limited to 42 tickets, so if your idea of paid fun is not being able to see what you're eating, better get yours now!

At least this is more sensible that the Bird Box challenges that popped up online right after the movie did, in which people tried to do everyday things while blindfolded, including walking next to busy streets — or, in one case, into the street — or even trying to drive. The trend prompted Netflix to tweet a warning to people not to injure themselves by doing something dumb.

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