ABC/Paula Lobo(LOS ANGELES) — Mo'Nique is offering her fellow comedian Tiffany Haddish some important advice after Haddish's New Year's Eve comedy set bombed.

In an interview with Page Six, Mo'Nique says Haddish shouldn't let one rough night affect her future in stand-up.

“The advice I would give her is keep on going and don’t judge yourself harshly,” Mo’Nique said. “That was one show, one night, the next one is coming.”

In fact, the Oscar-winning actress says fans shouldn't be ready to dismiss the Girls Trip actress so quickly.

“Tell me other times you heard of Tiffany Haddish bomb?" she asked. "So let’s just put it off to, she had a bad night, she had a bad moment. Let’s put it to that before you want to just throw her away."

"That’s what is so disheartening… We are so quick to throw away and go onto the next instead of saying, ‘OK she had one bad night,’" Mo'Nique continued. "Now people are saying, ‘Now you have got to prove you are good because you had one bad moment.'”

As previously reported, Tiffany attributed her lackluster show to partying too hard the night before.

"Went to bed at 7[am]," she told fans in an Instagram video the morning of the show. "Ciroc is still in my system."

Meanwhile, Mo'Nique will make her Las Vegas debut at the The Sayers Club at SLS Las Vegas on Friday. In her chat with Page Six, Mo shared her own approach to stand-up.

“I’m old-school… venues and sizes doesn’t mean anything to me, because if you paid your money to come see me I don’t care if it’s 300, 3,000 or three [people]," she said. "I got to give you my best.”

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