Brockway, PA – The Brockway school board voted 8-1 to rescind the motion from last month that canceled the ski club’s trip to Okemo, Vermont, choosing to restore the trip.

The students this year had already made payments that could not be refunded, prompting the school board to revisit last month’s vote.  The only dissenting vote, Ray Reckner, had expressed a concern about the students traveling out to Vermont where they could travel to ski resorts closer.

Brockway senior Hunter Allenbaugh came to the executive session to explain why the Vermont trip was important.  He said that he plays soccer in Pittsburgh with students from other schools, and the fact that Brockway can go on trips like Vermont impresses the students from larger districts.  Several students came to the public comment section of the meeting, explaining why they hoped the trip would be restored.

After approving the trip, the board also accepted the resignation of Boys’ Soccer Coach Rich Esposito.  The board said that he had done an excellent job with the team and was sorry to see him go.

The board also approved the retirement of Elementary Teacher Jacque Gillung.  Superintendent Jeff Vizza said that Gillung started and ended her career at Brockway, which is unusual for a teacher to spend an entire career in one place.

The school board will meet again February 12 at 7 p.m.

Listen to the quote from Jeff Vizza.

Brockway School Board Jan 8


The ski trip vote was originally taken on Dec. 3, 2018. School board members Raymond Reckner and Robert Cherubini led the vote, saying this is not a reflection on the teachers or the ski club members, but a concern about the distance traveled. The board’s vote is contingent on if the ski club’s deposit is refundable.

A photo from the Okemo trip in 2016.  Hunter Miller is snowboarding. Photo provided by Matt Oknefski.

Hunter Miller ski trip