ABC/Craig Sjodin(NEW YORK) — The Bachelor's 23rd season kicked off Monday with Colton Underwood arriving in Mexico looking to rebound after being rejected on season 14 of The Bachelorette by Becca Kufrin after professing his love for her,

The 26-year-old Indianapolis, Indiana native had nothing to lose when he arrived in Mexico — except his famously intact virginity.

One by one, the ladies arrived at the bachelor mansion hoping to make a memorable first impression, some more over-the-top than others.

For instance, there was 23-year-old Alex D., who stepped out of the limousine wearing a full sloth costume that even covered her face. She also moved and spoke v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y, which is the way she planned to take things with Colton.

Tracy, a wardrobe stylist from Santa Monica, arrived in a police car, siren blaring, explaining that she was the fashion police. Luckily, she didn't have to arrest Colton.

Erin, 28, whose occupation is listed as "Cinderella," arrived at the mansion in a horse-drawn carriage and left Colton a glass slipper.

Catherine, a DJ from Fort Lauderdale, came with her beloved Pomeranian, whom she left in Colton's care.

Finally, there was Caitlin, who greeted Colton with a cherry-red balloon, which she popped — a not so subtle hint at what she envisions happening between her and Colton.

The ladies were all on their best behavior, until host Chris Harrison brought out the first impression rose, presented to the lucky one with whom Colton an instant connection. That's when "the claws came out," according to one woman.

The ladies seemed to politely take turns spending a little alone time with Colton, until Catherine — the dog lady — felt her time had been cut short by Tracy. She went quietly, but shortly returned to steal Colton back.

Onyeka, a 24-year-old risk consultant from Dallas, decided to give Catherine a taste of her own medicine by breaking up the conversation with, "I heard you were drowning in some b*******!" Still not satisfied, Catherine broke up another conversation between Colton and 23-year-old Miss Alabama 2018, Hannah B., prompting Colton to comment, "Third time's the charm."

That led to a confrontation between Onyeka and Catherine, with the former telling Catherine she was "rubbing people the wrong way." Catherine ignored the warning, interrupting 25-year-old Colorado-based business developer Tahzjuan's time with Colton. Tahzjuan tells the camera that the ladies will lose it if she gets a rose.

Ultimately, the first impression rose went to Hannah G., who “owned” her “nervousness” and “imperfections,” according to Colton. Addressing the camera, he added that “There was a nice chemistry and a spark with Hannah” and that he “didn’t want to stop kissing her.”

The first rose ceremony concluded with six ladies — Alex D., Tahzjuan, Devin, Erin, Laura and Revian — going home. Catherine remains for now, ensuring more drama to come.

Here are the remaining women:

Alex B., 29, dog rescuer from Vancouver, Canada.
Angelique, 28, marketing salesperson from Hamilton, New Jersey.
Annie, 23, financial consultant, New York, NY
Bri, 24, model from Los Angeles, California
Caelynn, 23, Miss North Carolina 2018 from Charlotte, North Carolina
Caitlin, 25, realtor from Toronto, Canada
Cassie, 23, speech pathologist from Huntington Beach, California
Catherine, 26, DJ from Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Courtney, 23, caterer from Atlanta, Georgia.
Demi, 23, interior designer from Red Oak, Texas
Elyse, 31, makeup artist from Soldotna, Alaska
Erika, 25, recruiter from Encinitas, California
Hannah B., 23, Miss Alabama 2018 from Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Hannah G., 23, content creator from Birmingham, Alabama
Heather, 22, from Carlsbad, California
Adianne "Jane", 26, from West Hollywood, California
Katie, 26, medical sales rep from Sherman Oaks, California
Kirpa, 26, dental hygienist from Whittier, California
Nicole, 25, social media coordinator from Miami, Florida
Nina, 30, sales account manager from Raleigh, North Carolina
Onyeka, 24, risk consultant from Dallas, Texas
Sydney, 27, NBA dancer, New York, NY
Tayshia, 28, phlebotomist from Corona Del Mar, California
Tracy, 31, wardrobe stylist from Los Angeles California

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