The Brockway Borough Council got an update from its borough health officer to start off the year.

Emerson Turnbull was sworn in as health officer for 2019, a position he has held for several years.  The health officer usually does restaurant inspections as well as keeping an eye on the health and safety of the borough, especially around buildings and residences that seem to be blighted or unsafe.
Recently, Turnbull had to stop at a home where a relative of the resident was concerned about the resident’s safety.
Turnbull said that dozens of garbage bags had been cleared out of the house.  Turnbull contacted the Area Agency on Aging to look in on the resident.
In other business, the Brockway Volunteer Fire Department responded to 44 calls in the borough in 2018. The department is still waiting on the new radios purchased through the grant it received last year.
The borough council did get an update from Jefferson County about the intersection project in the borough.  Councilman Mike Martino said that the council has been doing its duty and has checked to see if they should hold a public meeting.  Because the project is still in the early stages, it is premature to have a public meeting.  There are still many steps ahead before any plans become concrete.
The Brockway Borough Council will meet again February 7.