Brookville, PA – In a light agenda, Brookville Council opted not to provide a letter of support for Act 152.

The proposed legislation would add a $15 fee onto all real estate transactions changing hands. The fee would go to local municipalities to help eliminate condemned properties.

Council did not feel adding revenue to benefit another municipality was equitable, since many Brookville residents buy or sell property in other jurisdictions.  Their non-action concurred with the same decision made recently by the Jefferson County Commissioners.

Council decided to take another look at its previous decision to make narrow Diamond Alley one way, from Madison to Main St.  The change was originally done to give the fire department better clearance in responding to fire calls. However Madison Avenue resident Jack Huber said doing so would create a blind intersection at Hunts Alley for traffic turning left onto Hunts. Huber narrowly averted a vehicle accident at the intersection.

He suggested having the alley accessible in both directions again, but adding a strobe light at the intersection that would be briefly activated during fire calls.

Council turned the matter over to its street committee for another recommendation.

Listen to the report from John Pozza.