Boston, MA – We all want to have better self-esteem, but how about selfie-esteem? Some people are turning to surgery to look better in their photos and look more like their Snapchat filters.

Researchers at Boston University are calling it “Snapchat dysmorphia.”

Engadget’s Dana Wollman says we should’ve seen it coming… The more we look at edited or filtered images of ourselves, the more unsatisfied we are about how we actually look.

The trend is dangerous because the filtered selfies are a literally unattainable goal. These filters tend to be dramatically different than how we actually look. The images are edited to have larger eyes, clearer skin, slimmer faces, smaller noses, and yes… sometimes even dog ears.

Wollman says the good news is it’s not an overwhelming epidemic. Although some people might feel unhappy with how they look in photos without a filter, very few of them are actually electing to get surgery because of it.

But if you’re part of that group that wants to look more like your Snapchat filter, experts suggest treating the root of it with more traditional methods, like therapy and medication.

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