JB Lacroix/ WireImage(NEW YORK) — Brooke Ence is a real-life Wonder Woman.
The 28-year-old is not only a champion CrossFit athlete, she’s also had roles in Justice League and Wonder Woman, and has her own clothing line.
Ence did not get to where she is without a lot of sweat and hard work. The California-based athlete has put in a lot of hours both in and out of the gym.
Here is how she gets her day started:
1. I eat something immediately
I eat something as soon as I wake up. I’m starving.
Part one of breakfast is some sort of peanut butter something, typically it’s a rice cake with peanut butter and maybe a little bit of honey or jelly and my coffee.
Then I get ready to go the gym and then I will have some sort of scrambled egg whites and bacon before I go to work out.
I don’t know why I’m so hungry in the morning but eating is the first thing I do.
2. I hunt for coffee

I go to bed excited for coffee.
I need at least two cups. This is the order — almond milk, flat white, or cappuccino, depends on where I am getting it, with a small black coffee backer.
3. I take care of my face
I try to keep a pretty good, simple skin routine. I sweat a lot so I break out.
I cleanse my skin. I have a daily facial cleanser from Athia, and then [apply] moisturizer.
I am 28 and I’ve been using anti-aging products, like eye creams, since I was about 25. And then [I apply] SPF. It’s like tinted sunscreen.
[Then] eyebrows, Chapstick and blush.
4. I head to the gym
My relationship with the gym: we are not newlyweds.
I do pretty much the same warm-up every day. It’s really important just to get your body temperature up.
I get on the rower or the bike. From there, I’m going to open up all of my hips, my knees, my ankles, my shoulders, doing things with a band.
I want to do some pushing, some pulling, body weight, maybe some stripped pull ups, some stripped toe to bar and really make sure my core is open.
5. I tackle my most challenging workout move
Then I start chipping away at a full day of training.

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