Good Morning America meteorologist Ginger Zee is the mother of two young boys: Adrian and Miles.
An avid exerciser, Zee has set a new wellness goal for 2019, which she describes in her own words below:
My challenge: Get STRONG in 2019
My journey with diet and fitness has been a long one riddled with an eating disorder and obsession with exercise that matured into a healthy understanding of nutrition and activity.
For me to take on any sort of New Year's resolution challenge, it has to be something I’ve never done but fits in with my lifestyle now.
After having two babies, my challenge could naturally be, "OK, it’s been almost a year since I had a baby. I want to get my body back.”
But I’m more realistic than that. I don’t want my old body. I’m a mom now. I want a better, stronger body.
I want it strong, efficient and healthy — not just for me but for my husband and kids.
It has nothing to do with weight loss or inches lost, but those will inevitably be a part of the journey, and, yes, if I’m being totally superficial, tightening my core is a necessity after baby No. 2.
One of our producers knows I love fitness so she asked if I followed Alexia Clark. I hadn’t so I went to her Instagram page and that was it! I had my motivation.
I want to be strong and stealth like Alexia Clark. I want to have fluid movement and the ability to do pull-ups! I’ve always wanted to be able to do more than three pull-ups.
So that’s where I’ll start my challenge. Strong, efficient and able to do eight pull-ups and 30 push-ups with great form. In one month.
I’ll look to Alexia’s online program for the strength and use my friend and personal trainer Mark Langowski to achieve my pull-up and push-up goals.
And by February, I’ll see you with a little extra bicep.
I hope you might follow along with the journey too and join me in my January challenge.
Let’s get STRONG in 2019!
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