Pennsylvania – If you’re going to be breaking out the champagne glasses and if alcohol is going to be a part of your New Year’s Eve celebrations, please make sure that you have a safe and sober way home.

Remember, DUI doesn’t just mean driving under the influence of alcohol… any kind of recreational drugs or prescription drugs can impair your driving.

Driving in these rainy and winter weather conditions can be dangerous, so imagine how much more dangerous it would be if you drive while impaired.

Even the morning after your celebrations, you could wake up on New Year’s Day still technically intoxicated.

There is never any excuse to get behind the wheel while under the influence. Make your plan before you go out and celebrate. If you find yourself in a situation where you need a ride, call a friend or a taxi.

With technology nowadays, it’s even easier to stay safe. You can download the free SaferRide app to find a way home, and now Uber is even available in the DuBois area.

We want all of our listeners to start off the New Year on a good note, so make it your resolution to celebrate safely.