Brookville, PA – A bear was sighted in Brookville recently around the Federal Street area.

The Brookville Police Department says that people have called in to let them know about the bear.

The Game Commission says bear sightings are normal for this time of the year, even in the suburbs. It’s especially common for male bears.

The warm weather we’ve been having is likely partially to blame for causing the bears to be more active.

Please take down your bird feeders and do not leave garbage outside.

Note: The bear in the image above is only a sample graphic, not an actual photo of the bear that was sighted.[0]=68.ARA3jyvNaTUohVtFbVD0ObFm0XB1KVfalHXeTz0AJjtTjYNiYNokKafSrpVbeoeRweLf_gQIN9L1qjkGn4GI_vY4A_Hxkoy40kSokbt5_go0yJo_jUD_Qd6_KnMzQMeQC_epn76GKaYpC0EiPYHsQAs_oMXAYIzkF7oLXgNG4qT6WjPw75UK2ypvDIPcfuEToEzELdaPgGtLrOwS5A6204vEW1fDa9Qp1LdXNaxs8YQ7Zp-4jkdPLAClDvuF3_qRhgAATuStDQnHv0OG7aDSmgEItUhRFC8w2r3sTwnjLiejGdIjfdYkWYSmQqBweRhul4fKTyqAujaSXeaLz_vINLGx&__tn__=-R