anyaberkut/iStock(NEW YORK) — Millions of last-minute travelers are set to hit the roads, rails or skies on Monday, hoping to be home in time for Christmas Eve dinner. And, for some travelers, the conditions may actually be favorable.
"Christmas Eve this year ended up on a Monday. That means that over the weekend everybody got all their travel done and so a lot of people are already there, so these roads are just totally clear right now," said ABC New's Gio Benitez, reporting from the New Jersey Turnpike Monday.
Benitez said Tuesday, Christmas Day, will also be a good day to travel. But if you wait until Wednesday, "you've got to leave very early because that will become the worst day to travel," he said.
In another bit of good news for drivers, gas prices are still very low.
"The national average [is] $2.32, and in some places you can actually find gas at less than $2 a gallon," Benitez said.

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