DNY59/iStock(ATLANTA) — A 7-year-old boy is inspiring his classmates to give back to the community this holiday season.
When Treandos Thornton was just 4 years old, he saw a commercial for underprivileged kids, and began asking his mom questions about why some children had so little.
Shana Thornton told ABC News that after explaining to Treandos that some kids come from humble circumstances, he told her: "'I want to help, I want to do something. I could raise canned goods to help them eat so they don’t have to cry anymore.'"
Now, every year right after Thanksgiving, Treandos and his family begin gathering food to give to those in need. Last year the family started collecting toys as well.
This year, Treandos enlisted the help of his first grade class at Dutchtown Elementary in Henry County, Georgia.
“We sent an invitation out to my class to go home with them, and then kids started bringing all these toys,” said Treandos.
“It’s been very cool to see my students and other students show up to my classroom door with gifts for other students,” said Treando’s teacher, Trixy Slaughter. “The way I posed it to the class is that not all families are as blessed, and our work together could help impact the community.”
This year, Treandos has collected more than 1,000 toys and food items for families in need.
“It made me feel really good to see all these people help each other,” he said.
Thornton is working with Treandos to encourage people to give even when the Holidays are over.
“Our event goes past Christmas,” said Thornton. “There are people that go hungry and without toys all year around. We want to remind people after Dec. 25, children still need toys that spark their imagination.”

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