Austin Hargrave/Netflix(NEW YORK) — The perfect holiday gift for the Queer Eye fan in your life? The Fab Five's new coffee table book Queer Eye: Love Yourself, Love Your Life. But other than that, what else would the Fab Five recommend when it comes to Christmas gifts? ABC Radio asked each expert for his suggestion.

Food and wine expert Antoni Porowski tells ABC Radio, "I think everyone really needs a microplane. It's a very small-holed grater that's awesome, not only for ginger and garlic…but also for parm[esan ], to get it really nice and powdery….and for lemon zest."

Home decor expertBobby Berk suggests, "A plant! Or, it sounds so cliche, but a candle. Because for me, home decor is so personal…I hate it when people give me home decor. I love a good gift card…so they can choose."

Similarly, grooming expertJonathan Van Ness admits it's hard to recommend a one-size-fits all product.

"It depends on the person," he says. "I think gifting grooming, hair care and skin care stuff can be tricky. So…go the gift card route, that's better."

Meanwhile, fashion expertTan France says don't even think of buying someone clothing — not even a tie.

"I think that, unless you know their personal style exceptionally well…just avoid that," he cautions. "Everybody has their personal taste — you might think you know, but…I would avoid it."

Of course, culture expert Karamo Brown has the best suggestion.

"I think sometimes in the holiday season we get so consumed with spending so much money on people," he tells ABC Radio. "[So] maybe, like, buy the Queer Eye book, and then write a letter in it, to let somebody know how special they are and how much they meant to you."

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