Trevante Rhodes and Sandra Bullock; Merrick Morton/Netflix(NEW YORK) — Trevante Rhodes and Lil Rel Howery star in the post-apocalyptic Netflix thriller, Bird Box.

In the film, a mysterious force begins to decimate the world's population. People who survive soon learn that all one has to do is look at the unknown entity and they experience their deepest fears — and then take their own life.

Rhodes, a war vet, and Howery, a grocery store clerk, end up being two of the survivors who wait out the danger in a house with others. Rhodes tells ABC Radio that film has it all.

"It has everything that I would like to see in a film," he says. "It has heart. It has that angst that puts you on the edge of your seat. It has a good story. It has a familial aspect. It just has for me… everything that I would like to see. And it's a wonderful journey that's fictitious."

Rhodes' co-star, Lil Rel Howery, agrees and adds the film also offers a deeper meaning.

"When people watch this and when they're done looking at it — [there's a] interesting… message of it. It's… stop burying things. People, we bury things and think that we're good. Just go about our everyday life."

He continues, "What I love about this movie [is it] deals with basically you're the enemy against you… I hope when people watch this… It scares you to not a tuck away things."

Bird Box, also starring Sandra Bullock, launches Friday on Netflix.

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