fredrocko/iStock(NEW YORK) — While Ford's attention is usually focused on vehicles, on occasion its engineers take things off the road. And now, they have designed a sound-cancelling doghouse.
The tech blog Engaget details that the prototype structure was built for pups that get freaked out on the Fourth of July. Like noise-cancelling headphones, the house detects loud noises like thunder or fireworks, then cancels those out with other frequencies. What's more, the structure has an auto door that opens when your dog takes shelter, and it's padded with advanced soundproofing and vibration dampers, to keep Fido blissfully unaware of the outside world.
Ford insists "for now" that the product is a one-off, but like the MAX Motor Dream crib it showed off last year — which rocked like a moving car to help fussy babies fall asleep — public interest could convince the automaker to change its mind.
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