Brookville, PA – Most of the people working in the Brookville Borough office are getting a 2-percent cost-of-living raise at work.

The raise is for all full-time administrative staff and department heads in the office. All other full-time employees are covered under union contracts.


Brookville Council also agreed to amend its permit application for any work involving the closing of a borough street. The amendment requires all residents on the street to be notified in advance of the work.


Also approved was the hiring of a part-time janitor at $11 an hour, and the reappointment of six board members to new terms, they include the following: Tom Dinger on the municipal authority; Dr. Ed Richards and Rick Park on the planning commission; Scott Sealy on the zoning hearing board; Eric Zents on the police civil service commission; and Judi Anthony to the council vacancy board.

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