West Virginia – A smart device might be on your Christmas list this year, and here’s another reason why you might want to find one under the tree… it could save your life.

46-year-old Ed Dentel from West Virginia says he was curious how the EKG app on his Apple watch would work, so he fired it up and took a reading. As soon as he did, it gave an alert that it was picking up signs of atrial fibrillation, or an irregular and fast heartbeat.

Dentel figured the device was glitchy, but it happened again the next morning. He asked his wife to test it out. It worked fine for her, so he decided that it was time to see a doctor.

Not taking any chances, he went to the Urgent Care to take an EKG with a doctor, who said that the device might have saved his life.

In a younger person, A-fib is still a concern, but it can be life threatening once you get older.

Ed thinks he would have gone years without any heart testing if it wouldn’t have been for his own nerdy curiosity.