benkayam/iStock(NEW YORK) — What's in a name?
Well, according to the experts at Nameberry, not gender, at least for a growing number of parents.
Nonbinary names are a hot trend, according to the experts. But unlike the trend of names past, where a girl might go by the name "Charlie" or "Jamie," the names now coming into fashion are truly gender-neutral.
"Parents are not trying to make their daughters seem more boyish or their sons more feminine, but to give their babies names that help them transcend strict binary gender identity," Pam Satran, co-creator and CEO of Nameberry, told Good Morning America.
"These new names and new way of thinking about gender-neutral names is to sidestep the entire idea of gender in the binary sense of feminine and masculine. The names in this new ideal don't have any gender identity at all," she said.
"Rather than names that have been used over decades or centuries that have become identified with one gender or the other, they're newer names used for babies without regard to whether they're girls or boys."
She used the popular nonbinary name "Justice" as an example.
"Justice as a name can accommodate any gender identity the person chooses and can be fluid over time. That fits the new ideal."
The 10 most popular nonbinary names are:
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