Marvel Studios/Disney(NEW YORK) — We got our first taste in a teaser-trailer released September 18. Tonight, we'll see the very first full-length trailer for Captain Marvel.

The trailer will debut during ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcast, during halftime of the game between the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles.

There's already a brand-new poster for the movie, showing Oscar-winner Brie Larson suited up as the super-powerful superhero — the first female character to front her own movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Captain Marvel — which also stars Samuel L. Jackson, Jude Law and Clark Gregg — opens in the U.S. March 8.

There's also a rumor that the trailer for the Avengers: Infinity War sequel will drop Wednesday morning during ABC's Good Morning America. At least, that's what a number of Marvel fan sites and social media accounts are claiming. So far, there's nothing official from Marvel.

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