Amy Sadler(NEW YORK) — A girl recently received a huge surprise from her peers. They revealed to her that she had beat cancer.
On Nov. 16, Emily Sadler, 15, a student at Raytown High School in Missouri, entered the hallway and was met with a roaring crowd of classmates and loved ones.
"I walked out and saw a ton of people," Emily told ABC News' Good Morning America. "I heard them scream at me, 'Emily's cancer free!'"
Emily was diagnosed with papillary thyroid carcinoma on March 4, 2017.
After a round of radiation and multiple surgeries, including one to have her thyroid removed, doctors told Emily's mother, Amy Sadler, that her daughter was officially cancer-free.
"November 13 is when they told me at her latest appointment," Sadler told GMA. "I was going to do the surprise the day before Thanksgiivng break, but I couldn't wait that long."
She continued, "[Emily] has this amazing faith and a good, positive outlook on life. She was like, '[Cancer] is not going to get me down.'"
Sadler is the orchestra teacher at Raytown High, where Emily is a sophomore. The mom of three gathered her husband Joey and sons Chris, 20, and Tim, 18, as well as Emily's grandparents, teachers, friends and extended family to tell the teen that she received a clean bill of health.
"I told the whole class that the orchestra was taking a yearbook photo and had Emily taken out for a [mock] rehearsal," Sadler said. "When she got around the corner, everybody yelled, 'Emily is cancer free' and everybody cried."
Emily said she was so happy to see everyone she loved in one place.
"It was a great way to tell me," she said. "[The tears] really came down. It was like Niagara Falls."

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