DuBois, PA – Data shows that you could gain up to 5 pounds just over the Thanksgiving holiday! Not to mention, even if you don’t end up gaining weight, those carb-rich and sugar-filled foods can be bad for your glucose levels and your health in general.

Jeril Goss, the manager at Penn Highlands Diabetes and Nutrition Wellness Center, gave us some tips on Joe Taylor’s Contact Show.

She gives some common sense tips on how to still enjoy the holiday and eat the foods you love without packing on the pounds and feeling miserable after.

Learn more at the Penn Highlands Diabetes and Nutrition Wellness Center’s website.

Many traditional Thanksgiving dishes, like candied sweet potatoes and creamy green bean casserole, can cause issues for anyone with diabetes.

Turkey: Keep the turkey roasted instead of fried. Avoid using too much butter for the basting. Give it a light coating of oil instead of frying. Avoid turkeys that have been heavily brined in salt to avoid extra sodium.

High carb foods: Mashed potatoes, stuffing, candied sweet potatoes, sweet potato pie, and sweet potato casserole are all heavy on carbohydrates. You can still eat them, but keep portion sizes small.

Less is more. You can still eat your favorite not-so-healthy foods once in a while… just don’t eat them all the time and remember to keep the portion sizes small. Fill up on healthier options and give yourself a spoonful of the heavier dishes.

Slow down. Your brain takes about 20 minutes to catch up with your stomach. Give yourself some time in between courses. Don’t stuff yourself. Give yourself time to feel full before you eat another course.

Give yourself three bites. A small amount of a calorie-heavy dish is usually enough to satisfy your cravings. Spoon out very small portions of each dish onto your plate… just enough to have three bites.

Be aware of how much alcohol you have. If alcohol interacts with any of your medications, do not drink it! Even if it doesn’t, limit yourself to a couple of drinks. Alcohol is high in calories and sugar.

Keep your routine. Make sure that you are still monitoring your blood sugar levels throughout the day. Stick to your routine and eat a small breakfast, even if you plan on having a slightly larger lunch or dinner.

Stay well hydrated. Drinking more water is good for you anyway, but it will also help you to feel fuller so you are less tempted to eat more than you should.

Stay active afterwards. After the meal, take a walk or play an active game with your family.

Make the holiday about thankfulness and family, not just about food.