iStock/Thinkstock(MIAMI) — Palm Beach County – a politically pivotal area in Florida – missed Thursday’s 3 p.m. deadline for recounting votes in the state’s hotly contested Senate, governor’s and agriculture-commissioner races.
“We gave it a heroic effort,” Palm Beach Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher told reporters adding that her county did not finish.
Palm Beach’s counting machines had overheated and stopped functioning at least twice this week.
Under Florida state law, totals submitted this past Saturday will stand. But counties have until Sunday to finish counting new votes—and overseas/military ballots can arrive until tomorrow.
Palm Beach submitted Saturday’s totals to the state, Bucher said. The state’s Senate race remains poised to head into a manual recount, to be completed Sunday.
A federal judge denied Sen. Bill Nelson’s attempt to extend all recount deadlines across the state in his race against Republican Gov. Rick Scott.

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