CBS/Terrence Patrick(LOS ANGELES) — Barbra Streisand joined James Corden for his latest "Carpool Karaoke," which aired on Thursday's The Late Late Show.

This time around — and possibly to accommodate Streisand's preferred close-up angle — Corden's stranded by a parking boot, and needs a pick-up.

Babs rolls up and Corden takes the passenger seat — although nearly regrets it, when Streisand claims she doesn't like to listen to music so soon after wrapping an album, and because she admitted she failed her most recent driving test three times.

Oh, and there's that time she drove the wrong way up a highway entrance. "Well, if I'm going to die," Corden says, "this would be the way to go, 'at the hands of Barbra Streisand.'''

The pair sang a medley of her songs, from "Enough" to "Memories," and even her classic, "Don't Rain on My Parade," from the movie musical Funny Girl.

Streisand also waxes political, explaining her latest album, Walls, is a reaction to her emotions living during the Donald Trump presidency. "Every song relates to something about what's going on in these difficult times," she said. "All I can do is write about it, and tweet."

Streisand continued, "People deserve the truth. 'The truth shall set you free'," she adds, before breaking into the track "Don't Lie to Me," accompanied by Corden.


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