Tyler Perry with Tiffany Haddish; courtesy Paramount Pictures(NEW YORK) — Tyler Perry has an important message behind his latest comedy, Nobody's Fool.

The film follows a recently-paroled Tiffany Haddish, who tries to help her sister — played by Tika Sumpter — get revenge on the man who might be catfishing her. While the rom-com will undoubtedly make viewers laugh, Perry tells ABC Radio he also believes it will make people think.

"Well, she makes a list of what she wants in a man, right?" Perry says, referring to Sumpter's character, who's on a search to find Mr. Right. "And she makes this impossible list and when she thinks she's has everything on the list she realizes, 'Oh, wait.'"

He continues, "And, so the message for me is everybody is imperfect. And stop trying to make people perfect… In life, you only get to get about 80 percent of what you're looking for in a spouse or a person. If you get to 80, you win."

While Perry hopes fans will find the deeper meaning in his R-rated comedy, he already has one exceptional fan cheering him on for his current accomplishments, which includes owning his own movie studio.

"The best part of filming was knowing that I was in the studio with the man who owned it," says Whoopi Goldberg, who plays the matriarch in Perry's film. "Because I never met the Warner Brothers. I never met Jesse Lasky from Jesse Lasky Studios. I never met the owners of Universal…They were all gone. And they were all very specifically white guys."

Goldberg continues, "This is [the] first…[black studio owner] with the the exception [of] I think… Oscar Micheaux. But he never had a studio like this."

Nobody's Fool, also starring Omari Hardwick, Amber Riley and Mehcad Brooks, is now in theaters.

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