Lionsgate/Eli Joshua(NEW YORK) — Tyler Perry is officially ready to retire his Madea wig.

The producer-actor tells ABC Radio that after his upcoming Madea film, A Madea Family Funeral, he's done with dressing up as the elderly, slick-talking grandma.

"That's it man. I've put it all in. I've done everything I can do with the character," Perry says. "It's been about 15 years of her running strong. So, I'm going to end with Madea's Family Funeral will be the last Madea movie."

Although plot details have not officially been released, the film, expected to drop sometime next Spring, is said to follow Madea and her crew as they travel the backwoods of Georgia and discover that they will now have to "unexpectedly" plan a funeral.

Perry, of course, will once again reprise his role as Madea, in addition to his other signature characters of Joe and Brian. Perry says although he enjoys playing the ferocious granny, he's ready to let her go and move on.

"And I'm going on tour to do the Medea Farewell Tour," he says. "So this is the retirement. Not like the one Cher did, when she did a retirement tour every year. Or JAY-Z, who did a retirement tour every couple of years. This is it. This is it."

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