Ridgway, PA – A woman crashed recently in Elk County because her tire pressure was too low, but thankfully no one was injured.

38-year-old Amanda Chittester of Ridgway was driving along Ridgway-Johnsonburg Road on Friday afternoon when she lost control and struck a ditch.

Chittester was wearing her seatbelt, and her 1-year-old baby girl was in a car seat. Neither of them had injuries.

Police say that the crash was likely caused because the Subaru’s tires were not properly inflated.


To check the pressure on your own tires, first look at the sticker inside of your driver’s door on your vehicle to see what psi it recommends.

Then use an air compressor at a gas station or garage to fill all four tires to the right psi.

For the most accurate reading, you should check your tires at home with a gauge before you drive or at least three hours after you’ve driven.