Lehigh County, PA – In Eastern Pennsylvania, animal rescuers are trying to find homes for nearly 100 exotic animals found in a house in Lehigh County.

Most of the animals are reptiles, snakes, birds, and fish. The conditions inside of the house were deplorable, with urine, feces, and animals crammed into spaces much too small for them. There were also several dead animals in the house. One of the snakes was a 15-foot constrictor, which will require special care from an expert.

The rescued animals were taken to the Lehigh County Humane Society in Allentown, where they will be treated for their injuries, dehydrated, and lack of food.

No arrests have been made, but the humane society says they plan on filing animal cruelty charges.

The animals are not ready to be adopted yet, and some will never be able to be taken to a new home. However, dozens of the exotic pets will need to be adopted eventually.

If you have experience caring for birds, reptiles, fish, or snakes, consider taking a trip out to Eastern PA to give one a good home.

Learn more at the Lehigh County Humane Society website.