Penfield, PA – Hundreds of kids will be headed for Camp Mountain Run this Saturday in Penfield to learn more about what’s it’s like to be a Cub Scout in the Bucktail Council!

Kids from grades kindergarten through 5th grade are welcome to come visit Camp Mountain Run, from 9 until 3. Because Boys Scouts of America are now accepting girls as well, the program is open for anyone within the age ranges.

Listen to the full interview with Sherri Price from Bucktail Council.

Since kids are young as kindergarten are allowed to go, some of them can be a little scared at first, but Sherri says they quickly warm up.

As part of this program, seasoned sportsmen and wildlife professionals provide hands-on firearm and archery safety, fishing instruction, and trapping demonstrations. Some of the most popular activities are BB shooting, archery, bow fishing, fly casting, fishing, and trapping.

For more information, call the Service Center at 814-371-5650 or visit the Bucktail Council website.

Or if you’re interested in which pack your son or daughter could belong to eventually, you can go to to find your nearest troop.