ABC/Angus Young(LOS ANGELES) — ABC's critically acclaimed comedy Speechless returns Friday night, and the season 3 premiere has the DiMeo clan heading across the pond, to London, where they'll meet the father of Minnie Driver's character Maya — played by comedy legend John Cleese.

Show star John Ross Bowie, who plays dad Jimmy DiMeo, tells ABC Radio the cast was up bright and early taking it to the streets of London.

"We're out in the middle of Trafalgar Square, right in front of the fountains. We are in front of Buckingham Palace," he says. "The first shot of season three was us first thing in the morning, sun's just come up, and we're right in front of Buckingham Palace."

So how was it working with Cleese? A little intimidating at first, recalls Bowie and co-star Cedric Yarbrough.

"It was incredible, I was really nervous, but he was a teddy bear," says Bowie. "And I pitched him a cooking show he and I will do," adds Yarbrough. "He said he'll get back to me."

Speechless returns for its third season premieres Friday 8:30 ET on ABC.

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