Jefferson County, PA – It’s confirmed… two tornadoes touched down in Jefferson County on Tuesday evening.

The National Weather Service in Pittsburgh sent investigators to the places that had the most damage from the storm.

They say that an EF-0 tornado touched down along Route 28 in Brookville, just south of Route 322, right after 5 p.m. It hit in the Clement Run area. The maximum wind, speed, width, or path of this tornado are yet to be determined.

EF-0 is the least powerful tornado on the Enhanced Fujita Scale, which goes up to level 5.

The second tornado touched down near Baxter in Clover Township, Jefferson County, around 5:30. Preliminary estimates say this was an EF-2 tornado with a maximum wind speed of 110 MPH. Its width and path are yet to be determined.

Although some properties were damaged, most of the damage was limited to broken branches, snapped tree trunks, and uprooted trees. Several headstones in a cemetery in Clover Township were overturned.

The National Weather Service will continue with additional storm damage surveys over the next week.


Although the storm has passed, it’s good to remember you should seek shelter in a sturdy basement anytime a severe storm warning is issued. If you driving and see a flooded road, turn around. The water is likely deeper than what you might think.

Video taken on Oct. 2 in a field off Route 322 near Brookville, courtesy of Kristen Strawcutter


Posted by Kristen Strawcutter on Tuesday, October 2, 2018


Photos of the storm behind the Graystone Manor in Clearfield, courtesy of Casey Friberg

Photos of hail from the storm in DuBois, courtesy of Lisa Volpe

Another photo of large hail in DuBois, courtesy of Justin Miller. He says that this chunk fell on one of the soccer fields behind the DuBois High School. DuBois and Brookville would have had a soccer match there, but thankfully it was cancelled.