Clearfield, PA – Dispatchers in Clearfield County are hearing weird noises on their radios… dogs barking.

Emergency Services Director Joe Bigar says the radios at the Clearfield County 911 dispatch center have been getting interference, and they often hear barking dogs at different times of the day.

Bigar says that it’s possible that someone purchased a radio system, programmed it to transmit rather than receive, and then left the voice activation on.

Bigar doesn’t believe that the unauthorized radio was set up to purposefully interfere with police radios. They’re actively working to find the rogue radio with help from radio specialists and, if needed, the Federal Communication Commission.

If you believe that your barking dogs and radio are the ones causing the issues, please call the Clearfield County 911 Center at its non-emergency number at 814-765-1533.

If the person cooperates, they will not be fined and the specialists will help them set up their radio properly so the police won’t be bothered by the barking anymore.

For more information, visit the Clearfield County Public Safety website.