Bay Minette Elementary School(BAY MINETTE, Ala.) — A boy whose rare condition keeps him from playing outside for long periods of time has found a friend in his elementary school resource officer.
Braylon Henson, 6, was diagnosed with ectodermal dysplasia at 1-year-old. The condition affects his sweat glands and causes him to overheat easily, mom Jamie Wright told "Good Morning America."
Due to high temperatures in Alabama, Braylon has been forced to stay inside during recess ever since he started first grade at Bay Minette Elementary School.
"Right now it's extremely hot, so he hasn't been out at all," Wright told "GMA." "He hangs out with Miss Stewart, his counselor, she is so awesome with him. They bought him little drum pads, he'll play on those [inside], and they would read."
One day, when Braylon was in his counselor's office, Ronnie Saladin, the school resource officer, asked why the boy was not outside at recess.
"I didn't understand why he was in there every day," Saladin told "GMA." "She said he had a skin condition and he would cry sometimes and feel left out. I said, 'Well, he's not going to feel left out. He's going to walk with me.'"
Saladin, 29, bought Braylon his very own police uniform and invited him to come along on patrol.
Braylon helps Saladin look for safety issues in the school and writes "tickets" for teachers and students who are breaking minor rules.
"When they're running in the hallways, he will yell at them and keep the order," Saladin said, laughing. "He's very smart and even though he has that skin condition, he's really positive. He has a lot of talent. He wants to be a drummer and I feel like he's going to be very intelligent."
Wright said she couldn't be more grateful for Saladin's kind gesture.
"He really did a wonderful thing, inviting Braylon to walk with him," she said.

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