Clarion, PA – A DUI crash eventually led to a violent assault in Clarion on Thursday.

The trouble allegedly began when 39-year-old Jacob Martinez of Butler was in an accident on 8th Avenue in Clarion on Thursday evening around 7. He fled on foot.

While police were investigating that crash, they were called out to a stabbing at an apartment building on Heidrick Street.

One victim was stabbed in the arm and the other had bite wounds on one hand.

They later found that the stabbing suspect was Martinez, the same man who had fled from the car crash.

That car was also later reported as stolen.

Martinez is facing felony charges of robbery that inflicts serious bodily injury and aggravated assault. He also faces misdemeanors for DUI, simple assault, unauthorized use of a vehicle, and others.

State Police in Clarion were assisted by Clarion University Police because it was such a wide-reaching investigation. Martinez is being held in the Clarion County Jail while he awaits arraignment.