Sandy Township, PA – A blown transformer at the Long John Silver’s near DuBois caused smoke and a strange electrical smell, but there was fortunately very little actual damage to the restaurant.

All of the Sandy Township fire companies showed up to the fire alarm around 9 a.m. Friday morning.

Fire crews went to the roof to use thermal scanners to see if there were any flames.

Sandy Township fire chief Steve Dunlap said they were especially cautious because they wanted to avoid another situation similar to what happened when the Perkins building burned down in 2009.

Everyone was able to evacuate safely, and no one was injured.

Although the transformer will have to be replaced, relatively no damage was done to the actual Long John Silver’s building and they will be able to continue operating.

Firefighters on scene at Long John Silver’s in DuBoisUpdate: A transformer within the restaurant blew, causing the electrical smell and smoke. Although the restaurant will have to replace the transformer, very little damage was done. Everyone inside is safe. Thank you to our Sandy Township fire crews!

Posted by Connect FM on Friday, 28 September 2018