Brookville, PA – Due to a water line leak in Brookville, an additional round of hydrant flushing will happen today affecting multiple homes and Brookville businesses. The areas of Brookville that will affected by today’s flushing will be…

Main Street, Madison Ave. – from White to Franklin, Race Street, Mabon Street, Catholic Hill, South White Street, and Maple Street in Brookville. The hydrant flushing will continue the next few days into the weekend and early next week.

To see the list of areas to be affected see the flushing schedule below. Residents in the effected areas may experience low water pressure and discolored water.

The line has been fixed.

Friday, September 28

Richards St.

PA Ave.

Northview Drive

Short St.

Clark St.

Brush St.


Monday, October 1

Hastings St.

Hiawatha St.

Federal St.

Rebecca St

Main St.

Central Ave. Ext.

Middle St.


Tuesday, October 2

Euclid Ave.

Western Ave.

Central Ave.

long Ave.

6th St.

Taylor St.



Wednesday & Thursday, October 3 & 4

Miscellaneous spot flushing from Brookville to Corsica – including downtown Corsica.

Alaska/Terri Glenn/Jenks Street

Stone Road/Hughey Road