Netflix(LOS ANGELES) — Vincent D'Onofrio's hulking gangster Kingpin takes center stage of a new preview for the upcoming third season of Netflix's acclaimed Marvel series Daredevil.

The archenemy of the titular Marvel hero, Wilson Fisk was behind bars when last we saw him, but here he's seen methodically getting dressed in his signature white-on-white three-piece suit.

Set to the haunting song "Burn" by Cody Crump, the snippet plays Fisk's preparations against those of Charlie Cox's Daredevil: As Fisk dons his old suit — and symbolically, his old life of crime — the bloodied hero is literally destroying the suit representing the life of his alter-ego, attorney Matt Murdoch, casting the clothing into a fire.

Murdoch then dons Daredevil's ninja mask, reinforcing an earlier preview in which he hints that the legal system can't do for evil what his deadly martial arts skills can.

Daredevil season 3, which also stars returning players Deborah Ann Woll and Elden Henson, as well as newcomers Joanne Whalley and Wilson Bethel, debuts October 19 on Netflix.

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