DuBois, PA – The DuBois Middle School remains closed today for mold concerns. Continue reading for more info and the full interview with Superintendent Dr. Luke Lansberry.

The first series of tests showed that 12 rooms and two cafeterias have air quality issues at the middle school.

Much like what happened at the high school recently, DuBois Middle School students won’t go back to class until the professional cleaning and dehumidification process is done.

However, many areas inside of the school are not affected, such as the office, gymnasium, locker rooms, special education rooms, and the auditorium.

Superintendent Dr. Luke Lansberry says air quality and mold have been an issue across the state because of rainy weather, and the outdoor air quality is actually as bad as it’s been for a while.

Because mold spores are floating around outside, the schools have to be careful to keep the windows shut so the outside air doesn’t contaminate the newly cleaned indoor air and affect the air testing results.

There is no official answer about when the missed days will be made up. The Pennsylvania Department of Education will help with the decision, but the process of making up the days can’t be started until the district knows how many days in total the student will be missing. Pennsylvania requires 180 days of classroom instruction.

Listen to the full interview with DuBois Area Superintendent Dr. Luke Lansberry about the ongoing situation.


Check the DuBois Area School District website for updates.