DuBois, PA – Although DuBois high school students are going back to class today after the school had been closed for a week, now the DuBois Middle School is closed for mold concerns.

Tests came back that the air quality at the high school is fine, but precautionary tests at the middle school showed that 12 rooms and two cafeterias have air quality and mold issues.

The middle school auditorium, gymnasium, and locker rooms have been cleared and are approved for use. In addition, the main office area and special education office area have also been cleared.

Athletic events and the Community Concert will be occurring as scheduled.

The DuBois Area Middle School will be closed again on Friday, Sept. 21.

Listen to the full interview with DuBois Area Superintendent Dr. Luke Lansberry about the ongoing situation.

As a result, the middle school will be closed for professional cleaning and dehumidification. If the process is similar to what happened at the high school, middle schoolers probably won’t go back to class until next week.

Mountain Research will complete the inspections of the remaining classrooms and collect air samples. Once the professional cleaning and dehumidification is completed, confirmatory air sampling will occur to ensure the cleaning was effective to address the air quality concerns.

Parents are getting worried about the possibility of mold in the elementary school buildings as well. Sitting in a room with mold or poor air can lead to stuffiness, throat irritation, and difficulty breathing, especially for people with asthma or allergies. There is no official word on when the elementary schools will be tested or when we will know the results.

There is also no official answer about when the missed days will be made up. Pennsylvania requires 180 days of classroom instruction.

Check the DuBois Area School District website for updates.