Win McNamee/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — President Donald Trump says he wants to hear from the accuser of his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh but said it's hard for him to believe that the allegation brought by professor Christine Blasey Ford is true.
"If she shows up and makes a credible showing, that will be very interesting and we'll have to make a decision," President Trump said. "But I can only say this, he is such an outstanding man. Very hard for me to imagine that anything happened."
Asked directly by ABC News' Jonathan Karl if Blasey Ford's allegation is disqualifying for Kavanaugh if true, the president didn't directly answer, except to say he needs to hear her story first.
"I would really want to see her. I would want to see what she has to say," he said.
The president again brushed off the idea of asking the FBI to reopen its background check into Kavanaugh, something he has the power to order, saying "it would seem the FBI doesn't do that" and deferring to senators to handle the process from this point forward.
The president expressed sympathy for his Supreme Court pick, saying "it's a very unfair thing what's going on" and calling his pick "an extraordinary man."
"This is a very tough thing for him and his family and we want to get it over with but at the same time we want to give tremendous amounts of time. If she shows up, that would be wonderful. If she doesn't show up, that would be unfortunate," he said.
The president again brushed off the idea of reopening the FBI background check saying, the FBI doesn't do that and said the matter should be handled by the Senate.
He again said Kavanaugh has been treated "very tough" and expressed sympathy for him even as he said he also wants to hear from Ford.
Karl asked the president if it would be disqualifying if Ford's claims are true and the president said: "I would really want to see what she has to say."
He went on to say, "If she doesn't show up that would be unfortunate."

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