DuBois, PA – DuBois high school students are going back to class on Thursday, exactly a week after the building was first closed after concerns from the administration about air quality and mold.

Post remedial sampling results received from the environmental engineering firm of Mountain Research, LLC. for the DuBois Area High School indicate that the high school can re-open. 

Students at DuBois Area High School will return to school at the normal time on Thursday, Sept. 20.

There is no word yet about when the missed days will be made up. Pennsylvania requires 180 days of classroom instruction.

Air scrubbers will remain in three rooms and the pool area today until test samples are returned. Remediation of all areas affected by mold was completed by Serv-Pro today, Sept. 19. The DuBois School District is pleased to report the results of these tests indicate non-elevated levels of mold spores at the high school. The air quality has returned to normal indoor environmental quality and we will continue our monitoring efforts.

Mountain Research, LLC. has been retained to conduct additional site inspections and air quality testing throughout the school district.